September Term

Hi Guys!

We are up and running with our new term.

We have had such a fabulously busy first week welcoming our lovely new students and welcoming back all our retuning students. We’ve already been working hard on developing our voices and movement skills not to mention the Theatre skills we are introducing and honing with each class.

Everyone seems to have had a thoroughly marvellous summer and we are now ready for some thoroughly marvellous drama.

There are still some places left available in some of our classes. If you or anyone you know wants to enrol for the classes please call the office on 028 91464337 to find out more and to book your place. Hurry before they are all gone!

Dramatic Drama

Class Act Drama Academy prides itself on being an affordable Province-wide community-based drama school and is now thrilled to be offering even more classes to children. These exciting classes are already held in 29 other locations and are excited to be offering the same comprehensive and progressive curriculum of theatre studies to children in Northern Ireland.

The increasing demand for drama has meant that Class Act Drama Academy classes, which currently operate to capacity in many of its present areas, simply could not cater for all the children wishing to take part in their exciting curriculum and so new classes are being introduced. The success of this organisation comes from the strong belief in nurturing the innate talents of all its students. All the Academy’s fully qualified teachers, who are drama professionals themselves, undergo extensive training in the Class Act Drama Academy curriculum and teaching methods to ensure each student is encouraged in a warm, positive learning environment. Students can progress through the Academy from 4 to 18 without ever repeating a lesson.

Class Act Drama Academy teaches children through a comprehensive and progressive theatre arts programme to be confident, assured communicators as well as performers. Students learn to speak up more freely in class, to confidently answer questions in front of their peers, to have a clear reading voice which is expressive and interesting to listen to, and to make friends easily, as well as honing and developing their creative talents.

Teaching a child to act may not seem like a life skill. But think about your own daily communications and you will quickly see everyone acts – we smile and say we feel fine when really that’s not how we feel at all! We go to a job interview, terribly nervous, and yet act to hide our nerves. In other words, we are all actors to some degree. So, teaching your child to act will put them well ahead in the game of life.

Drama works to promote your child’s imagination and imagination is one of life’s essential ingredients. Imagination gives life excitement and keeps things interesting.

‘Success in later in life is often dependent on our development as a child.’ Lisa Semple, Principal of the Class Act Drama Academy says: ‘Developing sound communication skills, where we are able to put ourselves forward in our demanding society is paramount to unlocking the world in which we live.
“Releasing a child’s creative and expressive potential is key to a child’s healthy development. By building children’s confidence, self-esteem and creativity, the curriculum of the Class Act Drama Academy allows each and every child to fulfil their potential.”

This exciting programme is now enrolling new students. For information please contact the Class Act Drama Academy office on 028 91464337 or email on or visit the website


JUNE, 2012

ClassActDramaAcademyproudly presented their end of year productions on stage in the theatres acrossNorthern Ireland.  Young performers, aged 4 – 18, from the Class Act Drama Academy classes took to the stage, allowing the opportunity for all students to show their development in confidence, creativity and acting talents.

First the Lower Primary class, ages 4-8, invited their audience to join them for a wonderful birthday party complete with a very special magic show in a delightful play called ‘Mr E’. With amazing magic tricks from a special birthday guest and mum presenting a fabulous birthday tea, the boys and girls, as well as their audience, were superbly entertained.

The audience was taken to the Upper Primary courtroom next in the witty, humorous and  fast-paced ‘Trial of the Big Bad Wolf’.  With Big Bad Wolf safely in the dock, many favourite fairytale characters came forward as witnesses while the judge and hard pressed clerk tried to keep control of the uproarious proceedings.  The audience delivered the final verdict and were left rolling in the aisles despite the judge’s stern warnings!

The Youth Theatre class performed a challenging, dramatic piece of theatre called ‘Angel’.  In a war-time setting wracked with suspicion, betrayal and revenge there was a serious mood throughout the play which was maintained exceptionally well by the young cast.  The students’ strong development of character and intensive script interpretation were clearly evident in the many outstanding performances.   These young actors took their skills to a new level altogether.

Lisa Semple. Principal of Class Act Drama Academy, which has classes throughoutNorthern Irelandsaid: “I am extremely proud of the students in our classes and absolutely delighted with the performances we have seen on stage.  It was wonderful to see the breadth of talent across the different age groups. All our students have shown dedication and commitment to honing their creative abilities and skills which has paid off in their outstanding performances.”

“Importantly, though, we have also seen a huge development in their confidence and self-esteem which is something we, in our classes promote and value highly since these are crucial life-skills. In addition it is always wonderful to see the students having fun and enjoying the experience.”

ClassActDramaAcademyhas been delighted with the support they receive from schools and teachers, community and support groups, and parents throughoutNorthern Irelandwho see the programme as an invaluable resource in child development across all school ages, 4 – 18 years.

There is a Class Act Drama Academy class close to you currently enrolling for September but places are limited so call now to enroll for your local class telephone 028 91464337 or e-mail

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