Superstar or shrinking violet?

Class Act Drama Academy develops personalities as well as performers.

At Class Act Drama Academy we teach not only performance skills but also essential life skills. Our students develop at their own pace whether they are superstars in the making or in need of a confidence boost. Our all-inclusive curriculum offers each and every student the chance to shine in all areas of work covered in class.

Through Class Act drama classes imagination and creativity are set free, teamwork becomes easier, we explore situations outside daily life, individual opinions are valued.

Class Act Drama Academy has local classes throughout Northern Ireland to suit all abilities and age groups from P1 to Upper Sixth. Contact us to find out more or call us on 028 9146 4337.

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Through our voice work students improve :

  • diction
  • clarity
  • pacing
  • tone

Through our physical skills programme our students improve :

  • co-ordination
  • balance
  • spatial awareness
  • motor skills
  • rhythm

Through our drama curriculum students improve :

  • creativity
  • confidence
  • understanding of others
  • physical and emotional expression
  • story telling
  • theatre skills
  • and can take their first steps toward a career in the arts